"Shepherd of the pack"


Gangix is a bit unusual among Kekua in that his feathery coffee-coloured hair and mane have a coarse, fur-like texture due to him having very short filaments (think of Kiwi feathers). He prefers to wear loose fitting, thick, bulky animal hides to deal with the harsh desert climate, and almost all of this clothing is made from a patchwork of hides of animals he has killed over the years in pack hunts. Beneath the animal hides hides a myriad of small scars from tooth and claw of the dearly departed.

In battle, Gangix is usually in an aggressive stance, using his falchion with both hands. When needed, however, he uses his scimitar and light shield, which he has only recently procured from a periodic visit to the great wurm city.


Gangix is an old salt of the pack coming to terms with life beyond the battlefield. Getting on in years, he knows he will soon not be physically able to hold down the front line like he used to, or at least not as well as the warriors he is wont to travel with. Consequently he has sought alternative ways to help his comrades in battle, and has recently begun filling the role of battlefield leader – a role often overlooked during fast-paced hit-and-run skirmishes.

Gangix was and is still proud of his pure fighting ability, and takes to leading his group in battle with gusto, but is somewhat rueful of his decelerating physical abilities. Having been in the pack since entering into it with his elder sister (Old Mother), he somewhat regrets not taking a more active role in honing his fighting abilities while still young instead of fighting for the sheer exhilaration of it. He sees a bit of his younger self in his relatively gung-ho comrades, and actively encourages disciplining of one’s abilities rather than losing oneself in the battle.

Accompanying Gangix’s diminishing hunger for battle is his awareness of the more “civilised” sections of society in Orea, such as the cities. Having lived in the harsh desert for such a long time, he likes the idea of organisation and order, and has been accumulating knowledge about the histories of nearby settlements for some time.


  • Gangix detests deception, and will avoid lying if at all possible.
  • He is a stalwart believer in the concept of justice, wherein all slights and injury as well as favours and charity are repaid in some form, whether in this life or the next. This and the above belief come into conflict when he finds out he is lied to, as he must balance his desire to enact revenge with vague notions of (what we call) karma and grace.
  • Gangix is an incorrigible hoarder, “just in case it’s useful later”. Being somewhat of a pack mule he is used to being the reservoir of miscellaneous junk for his pack.


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