" You want to know about Kekua? Well, it’s a lot more’n words can tell you, but you know that. To be Kekua is to Know yourself. First, you must understand where you came from. We are the children of the Three Mothers; our Beloved Orea, the Great Lady, and the Yidarki Herself. The others of the Esra, they were changed in the crossing, in the war. But we were born of it. Do you know where we were first spat out? No? Mehenna. Haha, it is true. The shifting sands were our cradle, and the dust devils our nurses. From there, we spread through the Red Desert, fighting the Serpents all the way, until we came to the Crying Cliffs. Oh, the battles there would make us wet ourselves now. Horrible things lived there, twisted by Serpent magic and made mad by the Yidarki. We did not stay there then. The Dabus called, and we came, the Zinka foremost, to eradicate the foul slithers in the first Onkesraka, though we did not call it such then. The Kekua showed themselves then, and learned what it was we were. Warriors. We had many forms in that time, still fresh from the rifts, and we were named Demons in that war by all sides. Those that survived the war, became the Esra, and we claimed Simbauli as our own. But we were not equal. The Dabus and now lost Dwarves took the Holy City. The Folk, the Mirrors. And we made our own long way, back to the Cliffs.

The second thing to be Kekua, is to know where you are going. Our Esrapu helps us to choose the right path, and you don’t need me to tell you all that again. But Esrapu cannot prepare you for all things that could be. Nor is there only one path to take. If we all followed in another’s footsteps, we would all end up meeting the Hand sooner rather than later. Hah! No, to know where you are going, requires the third thing; to know where you are. Which is, right now, at the cooking pot. Ksushen’ka! This one better be spicy!"

- Old Mother

Kekua Packs




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