Proud and independant, the people of the Galeshi tribes rule the eastern steppes through to the
southern lowlands. Mostly human to the eye, the Galesh are never far from their bonded animals, and often share some of their characteristics, leading some to call them ‘beastmen’. Semi-nomadic, the tribes move with their bonds and domesticated herds, setting their yurts wherever the grasses and water will allow.

The Galesh, although the last to join the Esra, were instrumental in their eventual victory and settlement of Simbauli, bringing with them their unique ability to tame the local fauna. Originally a telepathic race, the Galeshi found their minds becoming weakened and disturbed. Many succumbed to corruption this way, unable to discern their own thoughts from others, becoming empty shells through which chaos poured into the world.

It was a Galeshi woman named Rakina who discovered the Way, bonding to a great desert bird called Shaatra, together becoming the first of the ‘Awakened’ Galesh. Through this bond, their minds were sheltered and strengthened, and together they showed the rest of their people the Way, and led them to the eastern steppes.

As the only people able to tame many of the creatures of Orea, they have since become one of the
most widespread races of the Esra, with many families working as herders for the various towns, or with caravans and stables.

How do you trust a Galeshi? Gangix wondered this every time he encountered one in the Wyrm City, tending to a Cahun or something. How do you trust someone whose ancestors read people’s minds? They sure as hell know how to read animal minds.

The Galeshi that he was surreptitiously observing through the crowded marketplace suddenly looked around. Ducking slightly behind the cart he was learning against, but still keeping line of sight, the elder Kekua tested his theory: Are you reading my mind right now? Are you?

No reaction. When you asked them, they were never specific about their ability to commune with animals once you finally managed to get them on the subject. They had this way of explaining things but not explaining anything. Gangix found it infuriating. He had no patience for prevarication.

And yet, he had never heard a bad word spoken against the Galesh traders, who were the ones he had contact with. Their history was convoluted, fascinating, but raised so many questions about their abilities. Of course, there were old stories of the mad Galesh who fed off people’s paranoia about them, and the recent purges of Galesh families – something about abilities getting out of check. Gangix was not unnerved by sandstorms of giant bloodsucking stirges, but he was unnerved by the rumours of Galeshi out of control.

The Galeshi meandered off, Cahun in tow.


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