Maybe one of the first peoples to come through the rifts, the Folk, also named the Elders or Changelings, were also some of the most afflicted by the Yidarki’s magick. Severed from their own homeland, they became bound to this one, in ways that almost caused their extinction at the hands of the still vibrant Yuan-ti. While nowadays, the Folken Cycle takes well over a century, ofttimes, the first Folk found themselves growing new roots with each step.
How they survived for so long amidst the ensuing war is unknown, but the Folk managed to wrest control of first one of the Mirrors, and from there, the rest. As the first of their strongholds, and the site of the first grove of Elders, the loss of the Jade Mirror to taint in the last century is considered a great tragedy.

A everchanging people, the Folk describe their life cycle as one of continual rebirth. Born from the seeds of the Great Elders, a young folken begins his life in the shade of the grove as a sprite. Hidden in the centre of each of the wurm towns, and forbidden entry to outsiders, rarely is a child seen, if ever. It is only upon reaching maturity that they enter greater society. Beginning very small, a folken grows throughout his entire life, until the sprouting of roots and leaves forces him to retire back to the grove to settle. Often quite susceptible to the various sicknesses of Orea, this is an uncommon and much celebrated event.

Occupying mainly the wurm towns of the Mirrors, foremost being the spiralling Magrabay, the Folk are blessed to control the largest and most reliable sources of fresh water in all of Simbauli. In cultivating the wurms, they secured for themselves ever growing homes, fortresses, and sources of wealth, in the form of the wurm extract, Jib.

While respectful to the Lady of the Dabus, it is to the Mother Orea that most Folk will turn, as it is from Her they are born, and to Her they return.


Orea Dreamvveaver