Mother Sanja


Born of the same egg, Sanja shares her dark features with her twin, Kjaranna, though the passage of time has treated them very differently. Sanja’s amber eyes are surrounded with more lines, along with the twins’ matching scars, her curved nose has been broken more than once, and the the feathers sweeping back from her face are less than groomed, with many having tattered edges, or broken. Her short wings are nevertheless strong, and her tall frame is powerful.

Dressed in worn armour of Cahun hide and soft leather, Sanja holds herself with the pride of the Mother of Pack, and the arrogance of a tested fighter. Her ears are heavy with rings that run down the outer edge of each, mostly of bone and obsidian, though some of costly jade and glass. Her large hands are strapped with leather, her right bearing the three fangs of an Aurakan, which spike over her knuckles.

Sanja always had a fierce nature, and constantly struggled throughout her childhood with Kjaranna, who she loved with all her heart, and hated just as much. Not given to long contemplation, she preferred to settle conflicts with her fists, which she did particularly well, competing well in the rings during the Shomla. This seemed to work until they were coming of age, and the young Nurumu was accepted into the Zinka. Nurumu was a dashing warrior, an excellent hunter, and had a voice that soared, when he sung the song stories. Instantly, without knowing, he caused trouble between the sisters, which grew over time, until finally they fought, and almost killed one another. Kjaranna left soon after, and would not return until many years later, when their Mother Ganjuru was ready to return to Orea.

In the years of Kja’s self-imposed exile, Sanja and Nurumu Bonded, and she became Mother of the Zinka.

Mother Sanja

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