Kjaranna (pronounced KEE-ya-rah-na, or KEE-ya for short) is a tallish kekua in her late thirties. Her dark skin is somewhat weathered by the ministrations of the harsh desert climate, though she is still striking with her pale amber eyes and strong, hawkish nose. A crest of ebony feathers sweeps back from her face, echoing the black feathers of the short, strong wings that sprout from her back.

Unlike most of the fighters in the pack, Kjaranna wears loose linen cloth, relying more on reflexes and awareness to dodge incoming blows. She carries an assortment of simple weapons and tools, including a short spear and knives, though she fights just as well with her bare hands and whatever she can get her hands on.


Kjaranna and Sanja were both born from the same egg, a highly unusual and typically deadly occurrence. When the time came to hatch, the two fought instinctively in the egg to reach the one air pocket from which they would break out, and it was only due to the intervention of the Old Mother, who, once she realised what was happening, cracked the egg to release them both gasping and crying, each with a scar inflicted by the other.

The twins were identical in appearance, both striking with black feathers and amber eyes. From the start, they were hot-headed and fiercely competitive and both loved and hated one another. When they were seventeen, a young male warrior joined the pack and drove further rift between the two sisters. Eventually the bitter conflict came to blows, and ashamed, Kja chose self-exile, fleeing the pack.

The following fifteen years, Kja wandered and learnt to live alone (will flesh this bit out later…maybe she found a mentor or a lover who taught her how to fight…maybe she went to a wurm city and lived there for a while). Eventually, through the rumour mill, she heard that the matriarch of the Zinka pack was dying. Journeying out to the flood plains where the packs would congregate, she eventually found her old pack to find her mother on her death bed and her twin with a teenage daughter. The Old Mother, heart-sore at the the rift between her daughters and the decline of the pack, begged them to reconcile and for Kja to rejoin the Zinka.


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