“When the people first arrived in the land of Simbauli through the Yidarki Rifts, in the centuries before the death of the last Great Wurm, Imbakhennon, the land was already suffering. Long forgotten cataclysms had left this place a burning desert, where it was once a great sea. It would have been beautiful. Only you, Gangix and Kjaranna, have seen the Mirrors, but the rest of you; think of the Shomla, when the shining serpent bursts forth from the southern mountains, and our parched world is filled with life. And such life! Imagine, water enough to cover the Mehenna sands, and drown the Crying Cliffs, fresh and sweet as Renga berries! You laugh, Gangix, but that is what the Dabus say, and their visions are never wrong. Now, in the center of our Red Sea, Imbakhennon reigned with the power of a dread deity, having created countless creatures in her image, ugly slithering things, to serve and worship her. They were powerful here, uncontested, wreathed in magical power granted them by their goddess, through dark sacrifices, spilling rivers of blood onto the sand. Even now, when the Shomla fills the lake of Yabay, the flowers that coat the surface are a deep crimson, stained forever, though the Dabus tell of a time when the world is purified, when the Shom will run fresh all the way to Yabay, and the earth will bless us again with plenty.

These creatures, these Yuan-Ti, were strong in their corruption, but even they were overwhelmed by the Chaos of the Yidarki. It lasted almost a full century, rifts gashing open gaping wounds into the land and skies of Simbauli, centering around the Holy City. Many things came through those rifts, many dark things of pure Chaos, flooding this land with magic that tore at its very foundations, twisting everything they touched. So much life, from little crawling insects to giants taller than mountains were snuffed out, and what was left was changed forever. All that we see now, all that we eat, and drink, and breathe. All that WE are; the Kekua. The Zinka. We are all born of the Yidarki. But, while we came from a Chaos that almost destroyed it, we chose then, and we choose now, to live with and revere this land, our birthplace. Our Mother Orea."

- Old Mother


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